Hi, Hello, How are ya?

I’m Jess, and this is my site.

I have been told I am entertaining, and I thought it could be fun to digitally record my adventures… so here we go.

Latest from the Blog

Story Time

I don’t know what to write, so I’m just going to write a short little story. Walking along the lake, in the misty fog Sarai saw out of the corner of her eye, something move. On edge they turned to see what was there. It was nothing. Nothing was there. Knowing they did not imagineContinue reading “Story Time”

Is it really my choice?

In high school my principal would end the announcements every day with “Today is a great day… or not. The choice is yours” I understand that this is meant to be motivational, and encourage the listener to have a cheery optimism and choose to have a better day. This saying has gotten me through manyContinue reading “Is it really my choice?”

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