Each Time We Get a Little Bit Better

Story Time

I don’t know what to write, so I’m just going to write a short little story. Walking along the lake, in the misty fog Sarai saw out of the corner of her eye, something move. On edge they turned to see what was there. It was nothing. Nothing was there. Knowing they did not imagineContinue reading “Story Time”

Is it really my choice?

In high school my principal would end the announcements every day with “Today is a great day… or not. The choice is yours” I understand that this is meant to be motivational, and encourage the listener to have a cheery optimism and choose to have a better day. This saying has gotten me through manyContinue reading “Is it really my choice?”

Homeschooling this week

Our family had talked about switching to home-school before the pandemic happened. I was home-schooled growing up, and there are definitely some benefits I gained from it. Our older child was having difficulty making friends and conforming to the teacher’s will during that year and my partner and I were traveling a decent amount forContinue reading “Homeschooling this week”

Takoyaki… inspired

This whole pandemic thing has definitely had me down recently. I really miss going to restaurants, and part of that is because we have a group where my partner and I would go to lunch with friends every Friday. One of our frequent restaurants had Takoyaki, and it was amazing. I had never had itContinue reading “Takoyaki… inspired”

Mulch Day!

Yesterday my third load of mulch arrived. I love mulch day, it gives me something to focus on until it is all spread throughout the yard. The exercise is a major bonus. I’m guaranteed to be using all of the muscles in my body and spending some time outside. The reason I have had threeContinue reading “Mulch Day!”

My ADHD Journey

This post is going to be more of a brain burst. I have been wanting to write something since my last post but haven’t been able to come up with something I think is good enough… So I’m just going to write and see what happens. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult afterContinue reading “My ADHD Journey”

A Towel Rack

After many hours of searching for the perfect towel rack Schoon and I decided that there wasn’t one exactly like what we wanted. We had found some on Etsy that were close, but they were around $100 and not perfect. With paying $100 for a towel rack I wanted it to be exactly the towelContinue reading “A Towel Rack”

Intro # 5,324

I have started writing this blog multiple times before, but then each time I get distracted and want to do something else with it… I’m not saying that won’t happen this time, but I’m excited to get started again. I’m Jess. I love to learn new things. I frequently doubt my abilities to do anyContinue reading “Intro # 5,324”

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