Story Time

I don’t know what to write, so I’m just going to write a short little story.

Walking along the lake, in the misty fog Sarai saw out of the corner of her eye, something move.

On edge they turned to see what was there. It was nothing. Nothing was there. Knowing they did not imagine it, they started to walk through the fog at a faster pace. They wanted nothing more than to be out of here and safely at work. With their coat wrapped tight around their torso and their keeps in hand ready to defend themselves if needed, they heard a sound that was not comforting. It was now time to break into a full on sprint. Sarai was only a couple blocks from the office.

“hu, huh, hu”

Slamming the office door open, rushing in, and leaning against it as they close the door they were finally at ease. They walked over to the water fountain got a drink and then went to their desk to start work for the day.

A few minutes later a college aged gentleman walked up to the door of Sarai’s office. This man looked exactly like the picture in their head of what every good kid should be afraid of. Who knows what kind of harm he has come to do.

Sarai goes to grab their bag in case this man was here to rob them. They also pushed the silent alarm so the cops would arrive asap. They would be ready to hand all of their stuff over and hope for the best. They open the door to see what they want.

“Hi my name is Rayshard, and I think you dropped this.” He holds out a beautiful Coach wallet that is overstuffed with all of Sarai’s stuff still in it. “I was on my morning walk around the lake this morning and saw you get out of your car. This fell on the ground right outside your door. I tried to give it back to you by the lake, but after I picked up the wallet and started trying to find you in the thick fog it was impossible. Then I saw you go running up the road to here, so I followed… not as quickly as you were running, but I got here.”

“Oh No, Oh No, Oh No” Sarai looks at Rayshard with apologizing eyes. “Get behind me, but stay close, the cops are on their way.”

wee ooh wee ooh

Sarai stands in the doorway with Rayshard behind them. They look at the newly arrived cops and say “false alarm. This gentleman found my wallet that I dropped on the ground and was trying to bring it back to me.”

“Are sure he doesn’t have any ulterior motive? He may have a gun hidden on his back. People like him can’t be trusted.”

“People like him? People like him? What kind of people, the ones that will go blocks to return a person’s wallet with all of the contents still inside” Sarai was pissed. They knew these judgemental words all too well. “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW. I will be talking to your superior about how you tried to create a problem where there wasn’t one.” They turned around and asked Rayshard if he would be interested in hanging out for a bit before he left. The cops were still out front and Sarai really did not trust them.

Inside the office Rayshard and Sarai played a fabulous game of Bohnanza while waiting for the cops to move on with their life and a beautiful friendship was planted.

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