Intro # 5,324

I have started writing this blog multiple times before, but then each time I get distracted and want to do something else with it…

I’m not saying that won’t happen this time, but I’m excited to get started again.

I’m Jess. I love to learn new things. I frequently doubt my abilities to do any of them well. A friend of mine and I joke that in my relationship with my partner he’s the one who gets it done right and I’m the one who gets it done right now.

I am sure I will write about parenting children as well as a dog, running a business, woodworking, quilting… and probably more. Those are just the projects I can think of off the top of my head. I am not good at being tied down to one project at a time and I love learning new things. Hopefully having this website will encourage me to document my adventures better.

In our house we have two grown “adults” we are at least the parents whether we claim to be adults that day or not isn’t always certain. We are Schoon and Jess. Our two mini-Schoons will be called Monkey and Tiny on here. They are 13 months in age and best of friends most of the time. The most recent addition to our house is our dog Moxie. She does everything in a positively aggresive way. She will run full speed until you offer to cuddle with her. Then she needs to be in the exact same space you are in. I’m sure you will see lots of her as I document. She is usually by my side.

Good day for now.

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