Giving something up for lent

This is the first time I have ever given something up for Lent. When I have seen it done before people always gave up something that seemed not that hard to give up, and I thought it was silly. So when our family decided we would give something up for Lent this year I decided I would give up coffee and sweets… Either of those would have been hard so I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to do both.

Today is day three and I’m cranky and tired and I feel bad for everybody around me. My poor children have to have me as their homeschool teacher and my husband is just trying to keep me as sane as possible.

If you have ever done the whole 30 I feel like I’m going through the same stages, I just don’t have as strict regulations on what I can and can’t partake in. Yesterday was brutal. I had an almost migraine level headache from about 1 am Thursday night through to going to bed on Thursday night. When I woke up this morning it was down to a dull annoyance, and has stayed there all day. Hopefully I’ll get some energy at some point.

I got some really tasty teas from our local tea shop on Wednesday to prepare for this. It isn’t the same at all, but at least I have something special to enjoy. I got Pecan Pie, Mocha Rocha, Earl Grey de la Creme Rooibos. My favorite of the three is the Mocha Rocha. I steamed some milk and then steeped the tea in that today… I don’t think it was worth the effort, but at least my espresso machine still felt loved.

What is your favorite non-coffee, non-sweet treat that I can enjoy over the next 6.5 weeks?

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