Home from the trip!

Well the posts of how I planned the different aspects didn’t happen before the trip so I will be writing them after. The three month mark of me being on Welbutrin also happened on the trip and so I am going to talk about how I’m doing with the Welbutrin and how my ADHD intensified on the trip.

I had planned so many aspects of the trip, I knew something would go wrong (because nothing can go completely smoothly no matter how much you plan). I just did not know what. I had mentally prepared myself and told myself that the schedule is a guideline to give options and provide structure when we need it. Not to live or die by.

It was a really good thing we had the schedule I had written up. It was super helpful and gave me an idea of what was happening next. Knowing where our destination goal was for each day helped ease the hyper focus that I could tell would have been there if I didn’t know the destinations.

I don’t know if this is a thing but it felt at points like the medicine was still super helpful, but wore off… It felt like a rocket booster for my brain to make the right choices, but it wore off over usage. I could feel myself making different decisions than I would have if I didn’t have the medicine, but not the level of focused and thought through decisions that I have gotten used to here at home.

My theory behind this is that the routines I have gotten into here at home, and the systems that I have been able to put in place to support me weren’t available. Most nights we were in a different place than we were the night before. A lot of the time we were even in a different time zone than we were in the day before.

The road trip was great. We will hopefully get a chance to do it again in the future with some changes. I would probably adapt the time I take my medicine so that I can leave my phone reminder set for the normal time and I will be awake for it. We have talked about getting a small camper so we can take our bed with us. This will give my brain more stability and take away the extra of keeping track of all the stuff. If we have a trailer than we know where everything goes. (It also has the benefit of not having to stay in hotels for the whole trip).

Overall the medicine is still working really well and I’m happy with it. It is just a piece of the puzzle to manage my ADHD though. This trip has shown me how important routine and systems are to a healthy mental state for me.

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