Well, it has been 2.5 months

When we returned from the trip, I pretty much immediately started searching for a job. One of the symptoms of ADHD that the medication has not alleviated (though might help control) is my hyperfocus. So when I decided I was going to start the job hunt, I didn’t think of very much else until I got a job.

I started August 30th at a job I am really enjoying. It is taking us time to get to the point where our life is stabilized again. We aren’t completely there yet because we haven’t finalized the plans for Schoon yet. He has been working full time on our company (Legacy of Play) since he shut his company down, but he has also been applying for other jobs at the same time. So far he hasn’t gotten any offers.

That may mean that he continues to work on Legacy of Play and put his whole self into that in order to make that his primary income. He is really good at what he does, so there is no doubt that he can bring in more money than we need if he struck out on his own. It just requires all of us (mostly me) to be comfortable with the risk that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Anyways, the plan for this post was just to touch base and say that I’m still here, life just happened and I’m getting brain power back. That means the extras are starting to return. I have even been exercising again!

I am still planning on giving you those posts about how I planned the road trip. I’m very excited for them. They just haven’t been on the top of the to do pile. Hopefully now that the pile has seemed to stabilize for a bit, I will get those written soon.

Right now it is time for me to get a workout in before the day ends though.

Good Night!

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